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MagnaCleanse Power Flushing

If you’re interested in having a MagnaClean Power Flushing system fitted, get in contact with us.

We supply and fit the MagnaCleanse power flushing system, an innovative solution which delivers complete cleansing and ongoing protection of your central heating. The unique design of MagnaCleanse makes it an ideal solution for tackling all types of central heating systems as it removes virtually all suspended black iron oxide.

Over time heating systems can experience poor circulation which results in colder/lukewarm radiators, colder/lukewarm water and an increase in noise and sludge build up. Using our power flushing system we can eliminate all sludge and other residue via inline magnetic filtration resulting in a more efficient central heating system.


System flushing can be completed in as little as 2 hours

Cleansed system ensure optimum results any additional protection

Provides effective, ongoing protection for the system

Improves the central heating’s performance and efficiency

Extends the life of the system

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